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 What to do after a concussion

Head injuries should never be taken lightly, because they don’t have to be severe before having temporary or permanent negative effects on the brain. The brain as we all know controls everything in our bodies, and even the slightest damage to it could have terrible repercussions. 

What is a concussion?

A concussion is the most common form of traumatic head injury that affects brain function, and is generally caused by blunt force to the head. It is never a thing to joke with because it literally means your brain jolts or rattles in the skull. The dangerous thing about concussions is that victims may not realize or feel it at first, and this may lead to complications if left untreated. Apart from the possible injuries such as cuts and broken head bones, brain damage poses to be the major threat to victims of concussion. 

If you’re experience a concussion as a result of someone’s actions, you are eligible to file a lawsuit. You shouldn’t have to bear the sometimes expensive medical bills or pain inflicted by someone else without getting some form of compensation. If you’re a victim of head concussion at the hands of another individual, it is imperative that you reach out to a doctor and a concussion attorney for treatment and to get the justice and compensation you deserve. 

Signs of a concussion

Diagnosing a concussion could be tricky at times. This is because many victims of concussions may not feel or show any pain or symptoms of a concussion immediately it happens. These signs may not manifest till days or weeks after the incident. However, there are cases where the signs are apparent and instant. Some of the signs and symptoms of a concussion are:

  • Persistent or acute headache
  • Blackout
  • Body imbalance
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Photophobia
  • Blurred vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Mental confusion
  • Amnesia
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Ringing in the ears

Not all the signs are observed in a particular victim and they may not all occur at the same time. Victims of head trauma should be kept under surveillance and even take measures to handle the symptoms when they arise. Some of these signs may physically and financially affect victims for as long as a year if left untreated. That is why it is crucial to contact a doctor and a concussion attorney to salvage the effects of the trauma. 

Causes of Concussion

It has been established that concussions are caused by blunt force impact to the head. In a concussion, the brain is pushed against the skull from the inside, which could lead to bruising. The impact from a blow can also disrupt the ions and chemicals of the brain. 

There are a number of ways through which concussions may occur. Some of them include:

  • Falls
  • Sports injuries
  • Road accidents
  • Physical abuse
  • Bomb or fire explosions 

If anyone is guilty of any of the above causes, they should take responsibility for the economic and non-economic havoc they inflicted on victims. 

Treatment of concussions

There is no specific cure for treating a concussion. Most doctors will recommend physical and mental rest to recover. This involves zero or reduced participation in social activities and other activities such as sports, TV, video games, work, brainstorming, etc. The symptoms of concussions can be treated separtely, e.g. headaches can be subdued using pain relievers. In severe concussions, victims may have to undergo rehabilitation therapy, to retrain the brain to perform certain functions after a period of disruption or injury. Some of the treatments for concussions could be quite expensive, and that’s why victims shouldn’t have to bear the financial burden if the concussion was another person’s fault. 

What to do after someone gives you a concussion

Beverly Law helps with slip and falls case with NO UP FRONT PAYMENT. 877-427-2752.  Obviously, the first step is to inform a medical specialist by visiting the hospital or calling 911 or any other emergency health service line. After preliminary treatment, the second step should be to call a concussion attorney who will assist you in the process involved in receiving compensation for suffering a concussion. 

As a victim of trauma that led to concussion (plaintiff), you have grounds to sue for a variety of losses such as medical bills, emotional, physical, and psychological pain, and job loss. The other party (defendant) if found guilty will be instructed to pay remunerations either through insurance or personal funds. 

Concussion attorneys will help you through the process and help stand up against whip-smart lawyers of the insurance company or any other lawyer hired by the defendant. A good concussion attorney will make your case and ensure that your compensations are paid without any form of cheating or shortchanging. 

The success of any legal concussion case relies on two things: 

  • Proof that the concussion occurred
  • Proof that the trauma was as a result of negligence by the defendant

This is where the expertise of a qualified concussion attorney comes into play, because it is a complex stage of a concussion case, and the lawyers of the defendant will use it to their advantage. 

Proving that the concussion happened may not be difficult if there are any physical evidences of hurt and pain such as cuts or broken bones. But sometimes, concussions don’t come with any physical signs, and this is where it gets tricky. Defendant lawyers will try to maximize this requirement to their advantage, even if you have a valid report from a qualified doctor. They may ask that you undergo another evaluation with a doctor of their choosing, and you can be sure that the diagnosis from that end won’t be in your favor. Either way, you need the evaluation reports from the doctor you visited after the injury in order for your chances at success to be feasible. 

Proving that the trauma was as a result of negligent behavior by the defendant could also be a tricky one, but with the right evidence and a solid attorney, you should be able to scale through. If the trauma was as a result of a road accident, you can prove that the defendant was at fault by retrieving a police report that says so. If it were as a result of physical abuse, street cameras or CCTV would do the trick in vindicating you, and ensuring you’re compensated. These processes have to be mediated by an attorney in order to prevent amateur mistakes that may cost you your compensations. 

Contact a concussion attorney today to help you win a legal concussion case. You deserve compensations for your losses and pain, and we can help you secure it.  Beverly Law helps with slip and falls case with NO UP FRONT PAYMENT. 877-427-2752.

Contact a Concussion Attorney today to help you win your legal concussion case



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